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Engineering Services Capabilities
Ixpert Consultancy Services has multi-discipline engineering capability in the following areas:
  • Piping engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Civil and structural engineering.

Ixpert Consultancy Services offers skill and expertise in the following services:
  • Design & Detailed engineering
  • Review engineering
  • Bid assistance and engineering
  • Procurement support
  • 3D modeling and design using PDS / PDMS / Auto Plant
  • 2D drawing conversion
  • Project management and engineering support during construction
  • As-built engineering
Process Engineering

Creation of intelligent P&ID’s in Smart Plant P&ID / PDS P&ID / Auto Plant P&ID / Vantage P&ID modules including customization of legend, reports, and borders
  • Development of P&ID’s based on FEED
  • Preparation of P&ID’s for utilities
  • Sizing calculations
  • Hydraulic calculations
  • Performing insulation and heat tracing calculations
  • Preparation of line list, equipment list, valve list, etc.
  • Preparation of plant operation and maintenance manual

  • Preparation of design basis and standard drawings
  • Preparation of piping material specifications
  • Database customization
  • Development of the plot plan
  • Preparation of equipment general arrangement drawings
  • Preparation of key plan
  • Performing piping studies
  • Preparation of single line structure drawings and piping load data
  • Preparation of nozzle orientation and support cleat requirement drawings
  • Preparation of technical specifications for piping and specialty Items
  • Preparation of material take off’s / requisition for piping and specialty items
  • Preparation of demolition drawings for revamping projects
  • Preparation of stress critical line list 
  • Stress analysis of Piping systems
  • Pipe support engineering including special supports preparation
  • Preparation of data sheets and requisition for spring hangers, expansion joints, snubbers, slide plates, etc.
  • Preparation of isometric drawings
  • Preparation of piping general arrangement drawings
  • Technical bid evaluation of vendor offers and technical recommendations
  • Review and approval of vendor drawings
  • As-built documentation
  • Preparation of design basis and standard drawings
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Preparation of design Calculations
  • Preparation of data sheets for mechanical equipments
  • Preparation of requisition for mechanical equipments – for enquiry and order
  • Preparation of fabrication drawings and materials
  • Technical bid evaluation of vendor offers and technical recommendations
  • Review and approval of vendor drawings

We provide Engineering services in accordance with Domestic & International Standards like IS, AISC, ACI, AASHTO, BS, UBC & API.
Activities Include:
  • Preparation of design basis and standard drawings
  • Preparation of technical specifications
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Preparation of design calculations
  • Preparation of detailed execution drawings
  • Preparation of bar bending schedules
  • Preparation of fabrication / shop drawings
  • Preparation of bill of materials
  • Review of design calculations and detailed drawings
  • As-built documentation
Design calculations and preparation of detailed structural drawings, fabrication drawings and bill of materials inline with international standards for:

  • Steel framed buildings and superstructures
  • Pipe and cable rack structures, conveyor galleries, trestles,  stack supporting structures and platforms
  • Large diameter/size storage sheds
  • Turbine houses, workshop buildings, etc.
  • Switch yards and transmission line towers
Civil Works
Design calculations and preparation of detailed drawings, bar bending schedules, and bill of materials inline with international standards for:
  • Reinforced concrete framed structures
  • Pile and conventional foundations
  • Equipment and machinery foundations
  • I Concrete storage silos, large diameter storage tank foundations
  • Retaining walls, dyke walls and boundary walls
  • Cable and pipe trenches and tunnels
  • Roads, pavements, grading plan and drainage systems
  • Gates, compound walls and fencings
Ixpert Consultancy Services can determine the power system requirements, review current system capacity, and design a solution with proper electric distribution equipment to get operation on-line safety and efficiently in accordance with IEC, IEEE, NEC, NEMA, BS IS and other International standards.

We perform design and detailed engineering for various types of electrical systems used in substations, control room, gathering stations, shipping stations, compressor buildings, process area, utility areas, fire water pump station buildings, tank farm area, cooling tower system, condensate units, slug catcher area, pig launcher stations and flare area etc. providing the following details.

  • Load flow studies
  • Selection of HV/LV switchgear, motor control centers
  • Selection of AC/DC UPS
  • Selection of power / distribution transformers
  • Selection of electrical equipments in hazardous area
  • Designing supply change over schemes for incoming and outgoing feeder control schemes
  • Selection of feeder /motor / transformer protection relays
  • Switchyard / transformer layouts
  • Switchgear / MCC room / battery room layout
  • Cable tray / trench layouts
  • Cable routing/ earthing layouts
  • Lighting (indoor/outdoor) layouts
  • Lightning protection layouts
  • Power and control cable schedules and cable drum schedules
  • SCADA I/O list
  • Interface activities with civil / machinery / instrumentation
  • Electrical data input for packaged equipments
  • Requisition/specifications for HV/LV switchgear, motor control centre, MV/LV motors, power / distribution transformers, lighting / small power distribution boards, AC / DC UPS, lighting fixtures, power / control cables, cable trays, earthing materials, etc.
  • Bill of quantities for bulk materials
  • Standard installation drawings for power system, earthing system, lighting system and cable tray/ladders, etc.
  • Review of vendor bids and issue technical bid analysis
  • Review of vendor drawings and issue of approvals for manufacturing
  • Preparation of interconnection diagrams between various equipments
  • Attending SAFOP / HAZOP meetings
  • Preparation of construction scope of work and answer bidder technical queries
  • As-built the project drawings / documentation.
Engineering Services is in accordance with International Standards like ISA, BS, OSHA, ANSI, NEMA, IEC, NEC, FCI & NFPA.

  • Preparation of design basis
  • Preparation of control philosophy
  • Preparation of detailed execution drawings
  • Preparation of instrument index
  • Preparation of instrument elevation plan
  • Preparation of interlock logic diagrams
  • Preparation of cable tray / cable trench layouts
  • Preparation of junction box termination drawings
  • Preparation of instrument hook up drawings
  • Preparation of cable schedules
  • Preparation of fire and gas drawings
  • Preparation of cause and effect drawings
  • Preparation of requisition and specifications for instruments
  • Foundation field bus installation drawings
  • Technical bid evaluation
  • Review of vendor package systems
  • Sizing of control valves ,orifice plates and relief valves
  • Preparation of bill of materials
  • Preparation of interface drawings for DCS, PLC,SCADA & MCC
  • Attending SAFOP / HAZOP meetings
  • Preparation of earthing layouts for system and field
  • Preparation of scope of work for construction activities
  • Preparation of FAT and SAT proced ures
  • Preparation of as built drawings and documentation

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