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Payroll-Product Overview
Ixpert – Enterprise Management System – Payroll is complete payroll software. Offers everything required for comprehensive payroll management.

Ixpert – EMS is a complete modular software integrated with one another modules. Easy to implement and work. Enterprise-wide integrated accounting, Retail and other functions along with payroll management.

Ready-to-implement for organizations of all kinds and sizes

Web-Based software for multi-location management system.One click installation at client sytem.Auto update of enhancements without any manual intervention.

Payroll data can be entered directly by the branches. Pay slips can be generated either centrally or by individual branches for their own employees. Automatic consolidation of data and instant company wide / branch wise reports.

Complete payroll functionality.
Software Highlights
Latest Technology
Easy to use and adaptable
Boundless scalability
Seamless Migration from other software
Comprehensive Payroll Details
Employee Database
Flexible Pay Structures
Leaves & Holidays
Visa & Passports
Loans & Advances
Pay Slips
Income Tax
Complete Employee Details
Personal Details
Contact Address
Previous work experience
Family Details
Driving License
Blood Group
Educational Background,
Experience History
Bank Account
Employment Details
Employment Type (Permanent, Probationary, Temp etc) 
Employee Type (Normal, Handicapped etc)
Designation, Department, Branch, etc
Remuneration Structure
Flexible Pay Structures
Flexible Component Types like Allowances, Deductions 
Specify if Component Types are time-dependent or not; 
Specify if Component Types are Monetary or non-monetary
Define Salary Components like Basic, HRA, Travelling Allowances, etc
Specify Components as Absolute, Computed or Conditional Amounts
Computed Amounts can be formula based, like PF being Basic x 12%
Conditional Amounts can be based on slabs and formulae (eg: ESI only to employees drawing more than a given figure, at a given slab)
Assign pay structures to individual employees
Specify sequence in which components to appear in pay slips
  • Define Leave Types –Casual, Sick, Vacation, Training etc.
  • Specify if each Leave Type is Paid, Unpaid, Encashable or not
  • Specify if balance leaves should be carried forward, etc
  • Specify leave entitlements for classes of employees
  • Specify limits of number of each type of leaves in a period (say, month)
  • Leaves can be captured in two ways: 
  • Sanctioned leaves can be automatically deducted from attendance
  • Leaves may be applied for and sanctioned on the system by the employee and his superior
  • Leaves taken, earned, pending, carried forward, encashed etc
  • Complete account of leaves by employee (Employee-wise Leaves Ledger)
Loans & Advances
Complete account of advances and loans given to employees 
Along with details of recovery (from payroll period, if mandatory to adjust against salary etc)
Automatically adjust recoveries against monthly salary payments in pay slips
Employee-wise Complete Loans & Advances Ledger
  • Enter attendance data manually in easy-to-fill screens. Employee-wise daily attendance (time in and time out).
  • Or, enter Summary attendance (number of days present in a payroll period) of individual employees
  • Or, import attendance data in bulk from attendance machines like swipe machines, biometric devices etc.
  • Attendance data entered is used to calculate salaries payable and generation of pay-slip
Automatically generate Pay-slips for every pay period (month, week, etc) based on assigned pay structure, actual attendance, leaves taken/sanctioned, deductions to be done and other data available
Pay-slips can be generated for individual employees
Bulk pay-slips can be generated for groups of employees, by Payroll Area
Pay slips in formats designed by you, and printed as required
Pay-slips can be emailed to employees
Pay-slip notifications can be sent to employees by SMS
Supplementary pay-slips, if required, to correct errors
Impose restriction, if desired, for re-printing pay-slips
Managing Employee Payments Accurately and Efficiently

Whether your organization is a small business, a non-profit organization, or a multinational corporation, you must have an accurate and timely way to account for payroll expenses, withhold and pay government taxes, and generate the proper reports required by law. This, more often than not, means the implementation of payroll software into your accounting system. Without payroll software, the detailed elements involved with this task could quickly become overwhelming. 

Automating Tasks with Payroll Software

Payroll software calculates and tracks employee salaries, wages, bonuses, tax withholdings, and deductions. It prints employee pay slips, provides reports to better manage employee pay records, and generates complete weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax-related forms and reports. Once the initial information is inputted into the system, payroll software can automatically calculate figures and log them in the appropriate accounts. These actions make generating payroll a much simpler and quicker process than if trying to perform these duties manually.

Minimizing Errors and Saving Time

The two biggest advantages to using payroll software are undoubtedly speed and accuracy. The administration of payroll can be complex and prone to errors. Timely and accurate employee payment is critical to any business of any size. Late payment of withheld taxes can even result in substantial financial penalties. Payroll software assures employee pay is accurate and timely.


Using basic payroll data, together with data on attendance and hours worked, payroll systems can provide a wealth of reports. This allows in-depth analysis of staff costs for the business as a whole, across departments and even individual jobs and contracts.

Storing personnel records

Most organizations will also keep other data about employees, such as records of annual leave. This type of information is usually associated with the broader human resources function. You can get payroll systems that will record these additional types of information, avoiding the need for a separate software package.


The ability of payroll packages to provide forecasts means you can plan staff costs and budgets by entering hypothetical numbers to see the exact total cost of an employee.

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Club / Member Management
The hotel management software has a separate module to manage the member details / club activities / resort activities. Below are the options available with in the software.

Membership Fee
Membership Renewal
Monthly Billing

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