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Assets-Product Overview
One of the major and painful areas in an organization is tracking the assets available with them. It is a must to know the inventory available in your organization. Tracking assets may not be all that simple especially when they are spread across branch offices. Moreover manual tracking of assets can be resource-intensive, time consuming and also error-prone at times. However, you can make use of the Asset Management Software and keep yourself up-to-date about the assets at your fingertips.

Manage all of your asset deployment, specifications, monitoring, calibration, costing and tracking from a single system.

Ixpert – Enterprise Management System – Assets is complete asset management software. Offers everything required for comprehensive assets management.

The software helps you track and manage each asset of your organization through its entire life span. Identify every asset by a unique name or number, assign it to any location and track it till dispose-off.

Ixpert – EMS is a complete modular software integrated with one another modules. Easy to implement and work. Enterprise-wide integrated accounting, payroll and other functions along with Assets Management.

Ready-to-implement for hospitals of all kinds and sizes

Web-Based software for multi-location management system.One click installation at client sytem.Auto update of enhancements without any manual intervention.

Data can be entered directly by the branches. Invoices can be generated either centrally or by individual branches. Automatic consolidation of data and generate instant branch wise reports. 

Complete functionality
Software Highlights
Latest Technology
Easy to use and adaptable
Boundless scalability
Seamless Migration from other software
Features and Benefits
Perform a complete physical audit of thousands of items across multiple locations.
Qualify fixed assets quickly and easily for insurance and tax purposes.
Flag items as located, transferred, disposed of or missing.
Confidently satisfy auditor requirements by providing instant access to an audit trail.
Eliminate costly and time-consuming manual description checks.
Use simply for data collection or more consistently for on-going audits.
Assets Procurement 
Assets Purchases
Assets Deliveries
Sale of Assets
Write off of Asset
Fixed Assets Register
Depreciation Calculations
Manage Insurance
Manage AMCs
Support barcode labels.
All Kinds Assets
All assets, including buildings, plant and machinery, equipment, computers vehicles and more can be created.
User- defined classification
Asset Creation Tool to help create masters of assets purchased in bulk (e.g.: 1000 chairs) 
Manage Vendor Database, Manufacturer details, purchase date, commission date, warranty, AMC and other Assets Details
All these details can be tracked by barcode
Maintains Insurance details and gives alerts for renewal
Calculation of depreciation of Assets
BarCode Tagging
This will help the user for stock taking at the time of audit. The software allows user to create and print labels of assets by name, location, other description. This can be pasted on to the asset.
Other Features
The software will assist the user in tracking the assets allocated to employee.

Track complete history from allocated to first user till current possession

Maintain the complete Fixed Assets Register with all details of each asset.

It automatic calculates depreciation for accounts. It can be calculated based on periods, like Monthly, Quarterly, Half-yearly.
Insurance Management
The software allows the user to manage insurance cover for each asset. It captures insurance related data including renewal dates. It helps you with renewal information to ensure your assets do not remain uninsured. 
Specify if insurance to be tracked for individual assets 
Define insurance providers
Specify insurance expiry
Set Insurance expiry reminders
Manage insurance expiry and renewal
Asset Maintenance Management

Wings helps you manage asset maintenance contracts and track renewals in a timely manner to ensure that your assets are not without an AMC cover. 
Specify if warranty to be tracked for individual assets
Specify warranty expiry
Warranty expiry reminders
Manage warranty expiry

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