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Why to implement CRM
Any organization (small/big), entrepreneur, or sales professional, contact management software enables them to succeed by effectively managing their time, customers, and sales. Building a strong customer base is critical to the success of your venture, and as your business grows, effective management of those customers will ensure your long-term success.

Product Overview

This CRM software assists you to manage all customer and prospect communications from one database - in an office or from the field. The Ixpert – CRM Software provides the following features:
Lead management
Sales opportunity management
Document management

They provide a strong foundation for your business to build on and allows you to get up and running quickly with minimal resources. As your business grows, Contact Management will help you choose the best solution to meet the specific needs of your business.

The software will allow the user to update data through SMS from the fields. This will ensure all the data captured on the field is updated online immediately.
Lead Management
Lead management module ensures that all leads are handled by your sales people in a timely manner and are converted to sales opportunities. Automatically identify leads that haven’t been followed up on time, and track the status and source of each lead to measure funnel and conversion rate. You can have the graphical representation of all the reports.

The user can track the performance of the organizations, teams and individuals from the click of a button.
Sales Opportunity Management
Sales management module lets you track the details of every sales opportunity you / your team have generated. This will make sure that you / your team is updated on the sales progress. This will have a clear idea on where the lead is going through.
Generate accurate information with on-the-fly reports that enable you to sort and display data and results in charts or lists
Do slicing and dicing of reports like pivot with the tool available within the software. No need for the customer to export the data to excel or other applications.
Reports can be exported to csv, excel, word, PDF, HTML and XML 
Reports in grid format for better viewing.
Get the visibility you need right away with pre-built reports including: 
Pipeline report
Enquiry Status
Win/Loss/Abandon analysis 
Lead summary 
Customer details
And more reports according to your specifications
Document Management
The software has the feature of capturing the data in images (bmp, jpeg, gif) against the leads. Example, you attached photos, purchase orders, enquiry forms etc. This will help you in tracking the details on fingertips. Otherwise you need to search the hard copies from the folders manually.
The software will also allow the user send SMS to clients/employees in a single click. The user has the option of sending bulk SMS or single SMS.

Deliver notifications and alerts through SMS and manage updates and schedules hassle free.

This will boost the productivity of your team and instant case handling by making it easy and faster information. Avoid duplication of work and increase the efficiency by using the SMS facility.
Apart from SMS, the user can send emails from the application

For more information and demo, please reach us.
CRM Module
The CRM software can be integrated with retails software. This is an optional add-on. It is designed to address specific business tasks, 

a. To capture, manage and sharing of vital customer and prospect information. 
b. To improve how they sell and deliver products and services to the clienteles.
c. To provide world-class customer service. 

Ixpert – SmartCRMsoftware has proven to deliver extensive value to their clients and businesses to manage their customer relationships without any concerns.

Customer Loyalty
Loyalty Points
Campaign Management

And whole lot of standard reports which can also be configured according to the user preferences.

For more information and demo, please reach us. 

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