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Admission Management
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Attendance Management
Fee Management
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Product Overview

Ixpert – Enterprise Management System–Schools / Collegesis complete School Management software. Offers everything required for school management.

Ready-to-implement for schools of all kinds and sizes

Web-Based, for multi-location system

Enterprise-wide, it can be integrated accounting, payroll and other functions along.

Complete school management functionality
Enormous Features & Tools
Online system across remote branches etc

Complete data can be entered directly by the branches

Students & Staff/Teacher/Faculty Attendance, fees collection details, etc. can be generated either centrally or by individual branches for own student or other details.

Automatic consolidation of data and instant school wide reports

Branch-based data segregation

Please read the Common Features document for detailed topics.
Admission Management
Ixpert – EMS for Schools / Colleges is perfect admission management module that is quick and easy to use. It is a comprehensive desktop-based user-driven admission processing form that takes only a few hours to learn and implement. The module helps streamline every admission function. 


Pre-admission Enquiry
Application short listing
Roll no. allotment
Past Student Details
Student Information
Student Information module, is a one-stop-module that delivers complete details of every student on your rolls -- past and present. Whether you are looking for a detailed report on every student enrolled in an academic year or the date of birth of a particular ward in a select classroom, it gets displayed instantly on your desktop. It also uses Smart tools to send mass SMSs or e-mails cost-effectively to Parent/ guardian when provided on a click of a button.


Customized search Student Wise
Detailed student profile
Issue of certificates
Register complaints/file reports online
Performance appraiser
Detailed reports of former students
ID card issuance
Attendance Management
It is a creatively smart and 100% dependable attendance management single point interface, which not only keeps an eye on the number present and leave details of every enrolled scholar but also that of staff, management and faculty on the institution's rolls. Percentage of presence calculations and the generation of relevant reports are fully automated, occurring in seamless conjunction with the in-house portal.


Student attendance
Staff turnout
Staff leave application & approval
Academic calendar
Holiday scheduling
Fee Management
Fee Management is a student-based accounting program designed to control tuition fees at your school. Fee Management helps you to define your own fee heads and discounts that can be applied to individual, class or whole school.By this you get access to various reports that you can issue whenever desired. For example you can print names of students who have not submitted their fees on particular month or year, according to fee heads, particular individual or others.


Option of complete or partial fee 
Printing of the bills generated
Payment through Cheque / DD
Payment through Credit Card / Debit Card
Fee Tracking can be done class wise / branch wise / all etc.
Generating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly fee collecting record with details
Timetable and Examination
Now the school timetabling is easy and you can schedule your school timetable within minutes. Time Table Manager avoids clashes between tutors, classes, rooms and equipments. You need not spend hours together in scheduling and optimizing manpower and resources.


Authorize staff can access
Easy creation of time table
Time to time re-arrangement can be done.
Preferred center, Optimization of staff
Flexibility to add time table weekly or monthly or semester wise
Avoid conflicts in timings
Library Management
Library Management is an out of the box innovative solution that is an invaluable tool for every librarian. It designed to catalog, search, and circulate all library collections including books, CDs, DVDs, documents, equipment, manage member/patron information, keep track of the library circulation data, manage fine transactions, generate missing/damaged material reports and much more. Programmed to issue membership cards, send e-alerts on due dates of return/new arrivals.


Media creation management
Barcode integration and printing
Member administration
Library member card issuer
Material reservation
Issue collection
Accept/ renew issues
Circulation management alert system.
Damage and missing book report
Fee/auto fine collection
Search vide media/member
Generate comprehensive reports
Inventory Management
This software has a integrated inventory module which is meticulously designed to give you the control of managing the complete inventory of your school. It gives you the complete picture from requisition to dispose. You can also define inventory norms by which you will get alerts. This will ensure that you will not run out of stock or have excess inventory.


Item Management
Vendor details
Purchase and sales management
Acquisition and sales return
Damage control
Purchase and sales register

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